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The Great Depression and the Life of Italian-Immigrant...

The Great Depression and the Life of Italian-Immigrant Workers Commentary: In order to develop ideas for this paper, I first analyzed the time of the Depression and what Italian Immigrants lives were like typically living in America. Using this background knowledge, I was able to analyze the lifestyles of the working class in each of the stories. Even though the background story of each of the family’s lives differed, they all had a common basis in that they were Italian Immigrant families working a hard lifestyle in order to support the family during economic hardship. I revised this paper by looking to see if my ideas were clearly expressed. I ran into an obstacle of trying to figure out which ideas to express, since the novels†¦show more content†¦Cooking and baking is a central quality of this family’s lifestyle. The narrative goes into great detail and this has to do with a cultural placement. For Giovanni’s family, cooking and eating is a set of cultural rituals and the making of an experience. It is a part of a performance art, not just a consumption product. Another central quality of this family’s lifestyle is essentially work. Puma writes: ‘With Johnny’s help, father and son would finish up by eleven instead of after midnight for the father alone. The next morning Johnny would still be sleepy, and his mother would tickle his toes until he climbed out of bed for breakfast with his sister and brother. By then his father would already be on the subway headed again for the pastry shop Downtown’ (From the Margins 86). This shows that Giovanni’s life centers around work. Giovanni spends most of his time working about six days a week. He is doing this in order to support his family. In another scene when Johnny is making dough, he sees bugs in the flour, and Giovanni also accidentally knocks cigarette ashes into the flour. Giovanni shrugs it off as if it is no big deal. Giovanni is exhausted and he is simply being realistic and just wants to get work done. Puma shows Giovanni’s hard lifestyle when he writes: ‘The physical work, the heat from the ovens†¦the long hours for little pay in those times when most other Sicilians too didn’t earn enough to buy many cakes---when almostShow MoreRelatedSocial Studies Grade 8 : Immigration Research Project1677 Words   |  7 PagesDoolabh May 16, 2016 Social Studies Grade 8 IMMIGRATION RESEARCH PROJECT Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. This is the quote on the Statue of Liberty, which greets hundreds of immigrants as they come into the United States. Many people have made the long, tiring journey from their home country to ours, and they still do today. People immigrate, but what does the word immigrate even mean? To immigrate is to leave one s countryRead MoreThe Emergence Of Urban America1314 Words   |  6 Pagestransformation o Age of great cities, population boom more than half lived in urban areas by 1920. Distinctive urban culture created by rise of big cities. Heterogeneous population in cities. The prospect of Jobs, wealth, excitement had encouraged many to move into the big cities. New social problems had risen. Poverty, political corruption, quality of life issues. Also the increasing prevalence of segregation America’s Move to Town: Good jobs and social excitement lured workers . Contrast betweenRead MoreThe Poverty Of The United States Essay1385 Words   |  6 Pagesafford to purchase land numerous groups of blacks turned to the system of sharecropping. Sharecropping was a system in which landless workers, often former slaves, farmed land in exchange of supplies and a small percent of the crop (Foner, ch.15, 564). This system only kept African Americans in poverty and could be considered a form of pseudo-slavery, because it put worker in a state of constant debt to the land owner. Many southern states during reconstruction pushed to segregate blacks and limit theirRead MoreThe Immigration Of The United States And Germany840 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction A. What is Immigration? i. Immigration is the act of coming to live permanently in a foreign country. ii. Constantine compares the desire to migrate to an urge , â€Å"People seem to be drawn toward those places which offer a promise of better- ing life, by an urge which is as relent- less as that which impels water in its course.† iii. Before the era of rapid communications and transportation, America encouraged relatively open immigration to settle its empty lands. B. Why Do People Migrate? i.Read MorePhotography: Lewis Hine Essay1261 Words   |  6 Pagestaught the photographic process, it was still being established. This being said, photojournalism was also just evolving as a method to visually communicate information. In an effort to better his photography skills, Hine began to photograph the immigrants of Ellis Island. He was very adamant about social reform and reflected this in his work. Lewis Hine’s captivating photos inspired social change in America for the less fortunate. Hine’s father passed away when he was still a child, forcing himRead MoreThe Treatment Of Immigrant Women Essay1645 Words   |  7 PagesAlthough immigrant women play a big role in America’s society and economy, they have been constantly mistreated and looked down upon throughout history. Not only do they face the burden of the stratifications that their gender entails but they also struggle to adopt the American culture and norms. America was viewed as the land of opportunities and economic prosperity, a perspective that draws in many immigrant women who were willing to leave their families and possessions to come to this foreignRead MoreImpact Of Atlantic Crossing Immigrants On U.s. Education1852 Words   |  8 PagesImpact of Atlantic Crossing Immigrants on U.S. Education From the 19th century to present many immigrants have come to the United States seeking a better life. These immigrants have had a profound impact on the United States. The school system was especially affected by these immigrants and was faced with the difficulty of integrating the influx of immigrants into the educational system. The effects of integrating these immigrants such as the Irish, German and Italian immigrants has had a profound andRead MoreThe Jazz Age was one of the many highlights of the 1920’s before the stock market crash that1300 Words   |  6 PagesThe Jazz Age was one of the many highlights of the 1920’s before the stock market crash that triggered the start of the Great Depression in 1929. Because of the distress that the American soldiers faced during World War 1, many of them returned questioning the true meaning of life. Their solution was to recklessly enjoy their lives since you only live once. A completely new culture bloomed during the de cade through it’s new music, crazy dancing and brand new atmosphere. While the country seemed toRead MoreThe Making of the Multi-Ethnic American City from the 1880s to the 1920s2086 Words   |  9 Pages At the beginning of the twentieth century a Jew immigrant from England, Israel Zangwill, wrote a play entitled The Melting Pot. Its message still holds a tremendous power on the American imagination – the promise that all immigrants can be transformed into Americans, a new alloy forged in a crucible of democracy, freedom and civic responsibility. The term melting pot refers to the idea that societies formed by immigrant cultures, religions, end ethnic groups, will produceRead MoreDocumentary Photography in America1756 Words   |  7 Pagesfor centuries to come. Jacob Riis was one of the first documentary photographers to become directly involved in the American social reform movement. Riis was a New York police reporter whose photos showcased ghastly poverty in the Lower East Side. Immigrant families lived in the slums and usually crammed ten to fifteen people in tenement houses. At the time Riis took these photographs, there was a shocking lack of New York laws regarding housing conditions. The tenements resembled barracks, there was

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A Report On The Supermarket Wars - 1211 Words

Business Economics December 12 2014 Abstract The main purpose of this report is to make references to significant microeconomic models, in order to explain the supply, Demand, Market equilibrium, price discrimination, and Opportunity rate as well as making references to important macroeconomic aims which can be described with some examples such as growth, Inflation, Unemployment, GDP, exchange rates and many more, this two business economic topics are very relevant in today’s market as they represent the real-world meaning of the business area. This report will analyze both parties and evaluate any issues happening to date. Paulo Rafael ID: 33511 Introduction The supermarket wars has been increasingly frustrating for consumers as sometimes consumers tend not to know where to get the best deals, as they all advertise the same price and brands, in the UK companies such as Tesco and Asda advertise and sell the same products but also claim to low on prices for the customer satisfaction, but in fact they charge more when it comes to their own brands, looking in the telecommunication sector is clear that with the privatization of the telecommunications industry, the mobile phone industry experiences transformations that enhance the dynamics of competition. The provision of telecommunications services industry in the UK and the world experiences aShow MoreRelatedThe Uk Supermarket Industry, And Analysing The Condition Of The Current Market1189 Words   |  5 Pages1.Introduction This report is about the UK supermarket industry, and analysing the condition of the current market. It will focus on its market structure, barriers to entry and contestable market to analyse if the supermarket industry is an oligopoly market and if it is a contestable market or not. 2.Findings 2,1 Definition of oligopoly To examine if a market is oligopoly market, it has to meet the following conditions: Few firms in an industry Firms under oligopoly market are price setters. Long-runRead MoreA Report On Woolworths And Woolworths1674 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction: Australia has many major grocery chains such as Woolworths, Coles, Aldi, Costco and so on. Especially, Woolworths limited as a largest major grocery chains in Australia. The supermarket industry in Australia is duopoly as Woolworths and Coles are occupying more than 70 per cent market share in Australia (Roy Morgan Research 2016). Woolworths has 961 stores around the Australia and the employees of Woolworths are 111000 who support the operation of Woolworths together (Woolworths LimitedRead MoreTma02 Outline Who Are the Winners and Losers in a Consumer Society1284 Words   |  6 PagesThe aim of this essay is to explore who the winners and losers are in a consumer society by looking at how status is affected by choices as a consequence of economic position. The essay also examines how major stakeholders, such as supermarkets and suppliers, impact that judgement and the global environmental consequences. Veblen’s concept of conspicuous consumption (Veblen, 1899) began to outline how the leisure classes demonstrated status through possessions. However, with increasing affluenceRead MoreConsumer Behavior At Christmas Of Portsmouth : Food1540 Words   |  7 PagesThe objective of this report is to find out about the consumer behaviour of food shopping at Christmas in Portsmouth and how much money people spend. Moreover, it will discuss the changes of the traditional food over the years. This report consists of four parts. The literature review is the first part, which summarizes the relevant academic sources related to this report. Then, the next section will discuss the methods that were followed to reach the results of this report. The third section willRead MoreSainsbury s Potential Of Sainsbury1112 Words   |  5 Pages Sainsbury’s Potential Investors Report Group members’ names: Dede, Maya, Sarah, Sibylia 21/02/2015 Contents 1. Executive Summary 2 2. Introduction 3 3. SWOT Analysis 4 4. PESTLE Analysis 5 5. Strategy 6 6. Evaluation List of Reference 7 2. Introduction [99 words] According to the recent news, the Big Four’s market share is decreasing among the other companies. The Big Four consists of Tesco, Sainsbury s, Morrison s and Asda. The main reasons for theirRead MoreBusiness Ethics Are Moral Principles1683 Words   |  7 Pagescontroversies and issues that have arisen from dealing with suppliers: Fair Trade Campaigners and consumers across the UK sought Tesco to prove that banana farmers and workers in less economically developed countries were not suffering as a result of supermarket price wars by sourcing more fair trade bananas. Bananas are the UK’s favourite fruit – on average the UK public spends over  £700 million eating 5 million bananas a year. Unfortunately many banana farmers that supply the UK were struggling to get byRead MoreWhole Foods Market Inc.1231 Words   |  5 Pagesindustry, which report in the US economy under the North American Industry Classification System NAICS 42441, General-line groceries merchants wholesalers, by the time the company started operations in 1980 supermarkets had a history of 51 years. Supermarkets unlike other type of retail is considered truly American in origin, self service grocery stores are traced back to 1912 in Memphis Tennessee, and it was in 1930 when Michael Cullen opened the first store of the King Kullen supermarket chain, it wasRead MoreAnalysis Of Kroger Mcdonald s Supermarket And Baking Company Essay1334 Words   |  6 Pagesunder nearly two dozen banners in 34 states across the country and employs nearly 400,000 associates. The com pany has various store varieties like supermarkets, price-impact warehouse stores, and multi-department stores, with 94 percent of total company sales derived from food stores. Kroger operates three-tier distribution system, the only major supermarket company in the United States to do so. The company also operates 37 food processing and manufacturing facilities where they produce private-labelRead MoreA Report On Woolworths Limited1335 Words   |  6 PagesWoolworths Limited (Woolworths) was founded in 1924 and has strong presence in Australia and New Zealand, headquartered in New South Wales. Woolworths, is a supermarket leader with diverse portfolio of investments in areas such as petrol stations, hotels and general merchandise, Big W. At present, Woolworths has 872 supermarket stores servicing approximately 13 million customers daily with over 111,000 employees (Woolworths Limited 2015). eBay Inc (eBay) is an e-commerce corporation founded in 1995Read MoreThe Uk Supermarket Industry : An Oligopolistic Industry1582 Words   |  7 PagesThe UK supermarket industry resembles an oligopolistic industry, with several characteristics. Oligopolistic markets tend to be characterised by high concentration ratios, barriers to entry and†¦Since the turn of the century, the industry has been scrutinised by both the Office of Fair Trading and has been referred to the Competition Commission on two occasions. (Seely, 2012) Oligopolistic markets tend to have high market concentration ratios. In the UK, there are four primary retailers, noted below

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Shampoo Project free essay sample

A positive statement is a statement about what is and that contains no indication of approval or disapproval. Notice that a positive statement can be wrong. The moon is made of green cheese is incorrect, but it is a positive statement because it is a statement about what exists. Positive analysis of economic growth Economic growth is measured as the annual percent change of gross domestic product (GDP). The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Pakistan expanded 3. 67 percent in the fiscal year 2011-12 from the previous year. GDP Growth Rate in Pakistan is reported by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics. Historically, from 1952 until 2012, Pakistan GDP Growth Rate averaged 5. 0 Percent reaching an all-time high of 10. 2 Percent in the fiscal year of 1953-54 and a record low of -1. 8 Percent in the fiscal year of 1951-52. Pakistan is one of the poorest and least developed countries in Asia. Pakistan has a growing semi-industrialized economy that relies on manufacturing, agriculture and remittances. We will write a custom essay sample on Shampoo Project or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Although since 2005 the GDP has been growing an average 5 percent a year, it is not enough to keep up with fast population growth. The economy of Pakistan is the 27 largest in the world in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP), and 44th largest in terms of nominal GDP. http://www. tradingeconomics. com/pakistan/gdp-growth Agricultural sector contributes about 20. 4 percent to Pakistan GDP. 26. 6 percent is added by industrial sector as was estimated by 2008. 53 percent was received from service sectors during 2008. Poverty reduction is among main issues that have been taken up by government for economic growth of Pakistan in fiscal year (2011-2012. Government has plans to improve roads, dams and power generating plants to create more job opportunity and enhance possibilities of economic growth at Pakistan. For this purpose 541 billion rupees will be spent to accentuate Pakistan economic growth. Central bank of Pakistan has increased discount rate at which it lends to commercial banks by 1. 5 percentage points. This was done to bring down inflation rate in Pakistan. In 2008, total investment was estimated to rise to 22. 4 percent of GDP. Economy of Pakistan showed 5. 4 percent growth in manufacturing, 4. percent growth in large scale manufacturing and 1. 5 percent growth in agriculture sector in 2008. It has been found that there has been a growth of 18. 4 percent in per capita income and 17 percent growth in finance and insurance sector in 2008. Pakistan economic growth is also marked by increase in public debt burden, which rises from 55. 2 percent of GDP to 56 percent . http://www. nber. org/data/#demographic Definition of No rmative analysis Normative statements usually use factual evidence as support, but they are not by themselves factual. Instead, they incorporate the opinions and underlying morals and standards of those people making the statements. Normative analysis refers to the process of making recommendations about what action should be taken or taking a particular viewpoint on a topic Normative analysis of economic growth To increase the economic growth government should plan to improve roads, damn and power generating plan to create job opportunities for people. As more people are employed, the amount of capital increases, education levels increase, the quality of capital changes, or the technology increases, the productive capacity of the economy increases. Therefore, the economy can increase its output giving consumers more disposable income, promoting an increase in consumption spending, and providing resources for business to use for further investment and government to use to provide public goods and services. Taxes should be increased to provide additional funding for public schools. Increase in education usually increase productivity. Skilled workers produce more output than unskilled workers. To achieve better-educated workforce property taxes should be increased to provide more funding for public schools. By this method we can improve our education system. Government is introducing new policies to encourage economic growth in Pakistan. The economy has suffered in the past because of internal political disputes, a fast growing population, mixed levels of foreign investment, and costly, ongoing disputes with neighboring India. The Pakistani government should made economic reforms and medium-term prospects for job creation and poverty reduction. Pakistans economic outlook has taken stagnation. Security concerns stemming from the nations role in the war on terror have created great instability and led to a decline. High birth rates and immigration from nearby countries have contributed to a persistence of poverty. To achieve a higher level of GDP in the future, consumers should limit consumption spending and increase savings, permitting businesses to invest more in capital goods. If resources are invested into building an economy now, future generations will enjoy a higher level of entity to enjoy higher standards of living. Graph of the Comparison between Pakistan and Austria in term of GDP

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Plagiarism free essay sample

Plagiarism is when a person uses another person’s work, words, or ideas as if they were using their own. When a person plagiarizes they can simply use a few lines from another person’s creation or just a few quotes without citing a reference. Plagiarism can be as simple as that or more detailed as when someone uses an entire composition and passes it off as his/her own. However when a person plagiarizes they are doing great harm to themselves. Plagiarism comes with consequences that are often severe. Sometimes it is difficult to detect when one plagiarizes. If only a line or two is copied then the person who is examining the work would probably have to be well versed on the topic at hand. Other times the person using the quotes is doing so without knowledge of what he/she is doing. Real cases of plagiarism maybe easier to detect because sometimes a student may use the complete work of a previous student to avoid the difficulties of the assignment. We will write a custom essay sample on Plagiarism Essay or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page There are often times that authors who have written on the same topic. To make sure that you are not guilty of this crime make sure to due your own research, use quotes, and cite references when one needs to relay important facts you from someone who is scholar on the subject. Someone caught plagiarizing will have a hard time denying the fact when it is proven. A few different things can happen. If you are a student in high school you may get an automatic failure or worse yet a short suspension from your school. A college student could face more serious punishment by being expelled from the college or university they attend. In the professional world plagiarism can lead to terrible press or even loss of a job. Plagiarism is something to avoid when you are given an assignment. By researching and writing your own document you will avoid the harsh repercussions of plagiarism and you might even learn some wonderful things. Bibliography: Name of site: PlagiarismdotORG Website: http://www. plagiarism. org/index. html Author: Plagiarism. org Year Published (copyright): 2012 Plagiarism free essay sample Plagiarism According to The Open University (2008) Inappropriate academic practice (online) their are different degrees of plagiarism ranging from unwitting plagiarism to intentional fraud. Cases vary from relatively minor to serious fraud. Plagiarism is committed when a person uses someone elses work without acknowledging the source it came from. Which can occur when a person lacks confidence in their ability and fails to understand what is being asked of them , all of which demonstrate poor academic practice. Plagiarism is a serious offence that will lead to accusations of cheating, due to lack of understanding, confidence in own ability or time. A person may attempt to obtain the information another way. They may rely on a friend, fellow student or family member to do the work for them, copy the information word for word from a text book from which they are working. Although asking a friend or family member to do the work for them isnt copying text from another source, it is still classed as plagiarism and is also intentional fraud. We will write a custom essay sample on Plagiarism or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page All forms of plagiarism stated show a lack of academic integrity due to the fact the nformation provided is similar or identical to the original source. Word Count Question 2. = 171 a) As stated in section 61(1) of The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994. The senior police officer present at the scene can decide if someone is trespassing on the land and take the relevant steps in asking them to leave. b) Section 61(1) of The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 states that if two or more persons are on the land and live there for any length of time they will be asked to leave by or on behalf of the occupier. Reasonable steps will be taken to assure hey leave accordingly. c) Aside from the people present on the land at the time section 61 (l)(a) of The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 declares that if any of the persons trespassing nave caused damage to the land or property use threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour towards the occupier, a member of his family or employs / agent the police office can also direct the persons to leave the land. 1 (l)(b) also confirms that the same applies if those persons have between them six or more vehicles. d) Section 61 (4)(a) of The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 states that it is n offence if a person knowing the instructions given in section 61(1) fails to leave the land in a reasonable timely manner they will be convicted with imprisonment no longer than three months or a fine not exceeding level 4. However it is a possibility that the person could be faced with both. ) Section 61 (4)(b) of The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 States that if a person does not comply with the directions given in 61 (1) and returns back to the land. Having been asked to leave within a period of three months from the day which the senior police officer instructed them to leave they would have committed an ffence and can be convicted to imprisonment or faced with a fine. word count = 321 Question 3. Part V of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 section 61 Subsections (1-4b) deal with Power to remove trespassers on land explaining the following. If the senior police officer present at the scene believes that two or more persons are entering without permission on the land and have the intentions to remain there for any length of time , he will communicate with them and proceed in taking the appropriate steps in asking them to leave. Following this if any of the persons trespassing have caused irrelevant damage to the and or property itself, used verbal or physical behaviours towards the occupier, family member, agent or employee. The senior police officer has the authority to escort them off the land. The same applies if the persons involved have between them six or more vehicles. When being directed off the land they will be expected to remove any vehicles or property they have with them. When the senior police officer at the scene identifies the persons on the land and genuinely believes they were not originally trespassers and intruded unintentionally. He must be convinced that the other conditions highlighted in subsection (1) are acified after those persons became trespassers before he can exert the power deliberated in that subsection. If after knowing that a direction under subsection (1) applies and the person fails to leave the land as soon as reasonably possible or tries to regain entry as an intruder within a 3 month period, starting with the day the senior police office gave the direction. A criminal offence would have been committed and a high possibility to imprisonment for no longer than 3 months or alternatively a fine that will not exceed level 4 on the standard scale. However the person could be liable for both. word count = 298 Plagiarism free essay sample Although agree with Sodden that culture plays a significant role in students learning styles, and perhaps in the way plagiarism is interpreted cross-culturally, would like to argue that culture is not the only influencing actor and should not be seen as solely responsible for plagiarism in students academic work. To support my points, I will first provide examples on how plagiarism is viewed in Vietnam. Then, I will argue that there appear to be several reasons why Western academics may rush to accuse overseas students of plagiarism.Plagiarism is not at all acceptable in Vietnam While Sodden seems to suggest that Asian culture contributes to the act Of plagiarism, I would point out that plagiarism is never allowed or made legitimate by Vietnamese culture or education. For example, even at primary school level, if a pupil copies another pupils ideas to reproduce them in his/ her very basic compositions (such as a description of ones favorite pet), his/ her teachers and classmates will criticize and help that pupil realize that it is unacceptable to copy others ideas for ones assessment purposes. We will write a custom essay sample on Plagiarism or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Also, it is not unusual for school teachers to require students found popularizing to write down 100 times the same promise l will never steal others ideas/ writing again. These practices show that plagiarism is viewed as unethical. If the term plagiarism in English is laden with negative and moral connotations Comparison et al. 2004: 172), the Vietnamese terms for plagiarism, dado van and an cap y/van, have the same or even more negative connotations.These two terms clearly and straightforwardly condemn the act of cheating in writing, specifically stealing, robbing, and copying others writing or even making someone else writing ones own by using sophisticated cheating techniques. Although memorizing model essays or famous ideas is common in Vietnam, this is not at all for plagiarism purposes. Showing respect to authority or showing politeness in academic writing does not mean encouraging plagiarism, either.In Vietnam, it is usual to quote Ho Chi Minims famous statements, such as nothing is more precious 76 LET Journal Volume 60/1 Jan aura 2006; DOI: 10. 1093/let/chichi a The Author 2006. Published by Oxford University Press; all rights reserved. Than independence, and we always acknowledge the source by adding says Uncle Ho. We may not provide the name of the documents, the year of publication and the publishers, but it is acceptable because his famous statements are considered common knowledge.It is this difference in the understanding of what is considered common knowledge in different courses communities and how these communities treat common knowledge, that sometimes leads to misinterpretation of students writing as plagiarism. Reasons for overhasty accusations of plagiarism Stereotypes of Asian students Many academics in the West have a misconception that overseas students always have academic problems, and numerous studies have documented this tendency clearly (Cumulatively 2003; pan Lee Ha 2001). Kiwis, they hold stereotypes about Asian students, among which obedience to authority and lack of critical thinking are the most common (Cumulatively pop. Cit. ). These two stereotypes are even interpreted as cultural characteristics of Asians which legitimate the act of plagiarism in Asian societies. Sodden (AAA) shows this quite clearly, and Lieu (2005) responds to this misleading interpretation convincingly. Insufficient training in academic writing Comparison et al. (pop. Cit. Show that although universities are often very explicit about penalties against plagiarism, they are not aware of the fact that their students are not trained explicitly and sufficiently in how to do citation and referencing in academic writing. Ironically, as these authors demonstrate, while there are obvious assumptions that students need to communicate in the language of the academic discourse community, whether this discourse community has done enough to facilitate students membership is often ignored.My own past experience as a postgraduate student in Australia and that of many of my students (both local and overseas) in Australia strongly support this argument. It seems that those who write curricula and syllabi assume that there is only one way of writing and this way is universal, and we all must know the norms of English academic writing. Thus, little training is even, and students are unreasonably expected to understand and follow strictly the PAP or Harvard sty les with regard to citation and referencing. So is it fair to accuse those who do not know that they plagiarism of plagiarism? Furthermore, to be admitted to a course in English-speaking countries, most overseas students must have a high enough LILT S or T OWE F L score. With LILTS tests, students have to take a written test, in which they have to do two tasks, neither of which involves developing their arguments based on any reading references. Thus, while being prepared for LILT S tests, students are to taught at all about citation and referencing. So is it fair to expect students to know all about citation and referencing straightaway?

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Free Essays on Video Games And Children

Videao Games and Chilren By: Sue G. A recent survey found that 92 percent of U.S. kids, ages 2 to 17 play video games. Parents bought 225 million video games last year. (â€Å"Virtual†) These numbers show how many people are affected today by the technology of video games. More and more people are buying and playing video games. Although children are not the only people playing video games, they do make up the largest percentage of players. Video games are a very controversial subject. There is both good and bad in video games. Video games can help improve hand eye coordination and strategic skills. However, I have also heard of the vibrations from the controller causing damage to children. Many believe that video games lead to violent behaviors. They also could be a cause of obesity in the children of today. As a child, I spent my days outside playing games. During the summer, I was found at the swimming hole or at the park. Other times I was with a group of friends on the street corner playing baseball. During the winter, sledding and snowball fights were the sport. Everywhere you went there were kids playing outdoors. Today when I walk out my door, it seems as though there are less kids found outside. The children of today are often found indoors playing an electronic game. They have their eyes glued to the television set watching for where the next hit or miss will be. When walking, they are not always watching where they are going because they are busy pushing buttons on their game boy. Children are interacting less with each other and more with their electronic games. As stated by Brent Stafford, a recent graduate of the masters in communication studies program at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, B.C., the $17-billion a year video game industry has become the number one form of entertainment for children. Parents, he says, should know what their kids are playing. The parent should also recognize when a game becomes a c... Free Essays on Video Games And Children Free Essays on Video Games And Children Videao Games and Chilren By: Sue G. A recent survey found that 92 percent of U.S. kids, ages 2 to 17 play video games. Parents bought 225 million video games last year. (â€Å"Virtual†) These numbers show how many people are affected today by the technology of video games. More and more people are buying and playing video games. Although children are not the only people playing video games, they do make up the largest percentage of players. Video games are a very controversial subject. There is both good and bad in video games. Video games can help improve hand eye coordination and strategic skills. However, I have also heard of the vibrations from the controller causing damage to children. Many believe that video games lead to violent behaviors. They also could be a cause of obesity in the children of today. As a child, I spent my days outside playing games. During the summer, I was found at the swimming hole or at the park. Other times I was with a group of friends on the street corner playing baseball. During the winter, sledding and snowball fights were the sport. Everywhere you went there were kids playing outdoors. Today when I walk out my door, it seems as though there are less kids found outside. The children of today are often found indoors playing an electronic game. They have their eyes glued to the television set watching for where the next hit or miss will be. When walking, they are not always watching where they are going because they are busy pushing buttons on their game boy. Children are interacting less with each other and more with their electronic games. As stated by Brent Stafford, a recent graduate of the masters in communication studies program at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, B.C., the $17-billion a year video game industry has become the number one form of entertainment for children. Parents, he says, should know what their kids are playing. The parent should also recognize when a game becomes a c...

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post modernism critique essays

post modernism critique essays The 20th Century, in many ways, can be remembered as a time of scientific and technological revolution. The innovations and rapid growth in many areas of technology have cast doubt upon words such as ignorance and impossibility. This revolution also instigated new and/or radical ideas in the world of academia. The growth of post-modernism and its adherers in historical circles have caused quite a stir in dealing with the validity of many historical documents. Critical analysis of the subject of modernism and post-modernism can be simplified in one statement: What is our understanding of certainty? The modern critical analysis form is an ideal philosophy of industrialism, an ideology that adopts the correspondence theory. Facts are unbiased descriptions of past events that assist one in gaining knowledge. Since facts have consequences, modernists believe facts are not debatable. The core of modern critical analysis relies on facts to move towards a higher level of understanding (Truth). The push for facts to achieve a higher level of knowledge teaches and supports the value of HISTORY (history in the upper-case). Historical analysis in the modern form describes history as it is made by the use of facts. The common goal for modern historians is to find HISTORY, truth, and moral rights by methodically deducing facts and past events. By such ways, the truthful understanding of the past makes history useful for us in the present. In post-modern critical analysis, its philosophy lies in the critiquing the false in modernism. Truth/fact is merely a socially constructed ideal dependent on the context in which it is used [connotative meanings]. Post-modernists debunk the importance of fact due to limited personal perspectives. Since each person could have numerous perspectives on issues, the shear number would constitute the many facts once could have. Opposed to the modernist philosophy reflecting Wes...

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Poaching in Zimbabwea, causes and attempts to stop sense the 1990s Annotated Bibliography - 1

Poaching in Zimbabwea, causes and attempts to stop sense the 1990s - Annotated Bibliography Example help me to identify the causes of poaching in Zimbabwe and the general overview of the steps taken by the South African governments to fight poaching. Consequently, I will use this source to show how the South African countries have suffered from poaching and the strategies they have employed to curb cases of poaching. Gabriel, Hua, and Wang have explored the market dynamics of ivory. They have pointed out that China is the leading market for ivory that is smuggled from Zimbabwe and other African countries. They have raised concerns that despite the ban of ivory trade, this was only short-lived because poaching still continues. Additionally, they have pointed out that the research conducted by IFAW implicates China as the leading market for ivory that is smuggled from Africa. In this scenario, there are a big number of industries of ivory processing industries in China thus affecting Zimbabwe and other African countries negatively. I will use the source to point out the China’s influence on poaching in Zimbabwe. Gulland and Williams explores the steps taken by the African countries following the1989 ban of the ivory trade. They have pointed out how the African member countries enacted laws that could stop and control poaching. In Zambia, they have pointed out the government was out to fight poaching that was rampant in the Luangwa valley. Research shows that poverty is one of the factors contributing to poaching amongst the locals. Additionally, the Zambian government passed stern penalty to poachers found poaching in Luangwa valley between a periods of 1970s-1985. Consequently, the gang members who were caught poaching could be sentenced in groups and sent to jail. I will use this source to argue the steps taken by various African member countries affected by poaching to stop poaching within their territories. The article explores on how the demand for ivory has gone up in the Asian markets more especially in China. The reason given is that these goods are

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Sociology of law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Sociology of law - Essay Example Durkheim argued that even subjective phenomena such as suicide are objective social facts; it exists no matter whether an individual chooses to leave that society or not commit suicide himself.2 It is in the same light that Durkheim viewed the existence and functioning of law within a society, and it is this intricate concept which will be the focus of the paper. Durkheim saw beyond law as a mere set of rules and regulations; he primarily expressed law as an assurance of a society’s fundamental values, as the moral values attached to individuals by individuals borne of human dignity. He assigned law the unifying value of society, calling it a ‘glorification†¦of the individual in general†¦sympathy for all that is human’.3 As a form of coercive power in society, law depicts society as a moral unit, and we feel the force of this coercive power when we deviate from it. Yet how can the members of a society co-exist with a set of moral values which are not a sum of its members’ individual values? It is as though Durkheim describes us a blank slates, upon which our entering into society is drawn a set of moral values by this separate entity – does this not undermine any autonomy that we could possess as individuals? How can it be a ‘collective common conscience’?4 Durkheim appears to have been at pains to reconcile the concept of moral values in society with its individual members. He explains that to view law as a culture enables us to thus reconcile these conflicting elements; law viewed as a body of beliefs and practices commonly held within a society causes the common conscience to exist interdependently with its members. The collective conscience is both a product of its individuals and a development of sociological laws as separate from individuals. It is split into two elements, which form it as a singular social phenomenon

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Department of Social Work Essay Example for Free

Department of Social Work Essay The objective of this paper is to show or define theories in the field of social work specifically in handling and working with emotionally disturbed youth and which theory or theories will best help guide this practice. This paper will also talk about areas I feel most confident and strongest in as well as the areas I feel least confident in. It will also show the reasons and factors that contribute to both my strengths and weaknesses. Social Work Defined â€Å"Social Work is the professional activity of helping individuals, groups, or communities enhance or restore their capacity for social functioning and creating societal conditions favorable to this goal ( as cited, Department of Social Work). † Because of the their objective is to help people and communities, the practice is made up of principles, applications of values. â€Å"Social Work is concerned and involved with the interactions between people and the institutions of society that affect the ability of people to accomplish life tasks, realize aspirations and values, and alleviate distress ( Baer and Frederico; Department of Social Work). † According to Baer and Frederico, the purposes of social work may be broken down into 3: enhance the problem-solving; promote effective humane operations; and link people with a system that give them services, resources and opportunities (Department of Social Work). Trauma Informed Care Trauma informed care pertains to organization or programs that services individuals who have survived a traumatic experience. These individuals or survivors are those who have been physically and/or sexually abuse and other experiences that leads to trauma. Often times, these experiences may direct an individual to mental health and some other type of disorder. Organizations that help people with this condition, alters and adjusts in order to keep an understanding on how trauma affects the individual seeking for help (SAMHSA National Mental Health Information Center). Theories in Social Work â€Å"Theories have been developed since it became clear that there were similar patterns or repeating cycles of behaviour both in an individuals life and in the lives of lots of different people (Towland, 2010). † There are a lot of theories or ideas on how to go about social work and how to do the practice for both professionals and students taking up this course. According to Towland in his essay on â€Å"Social Work Theory and Practice Making the Links† a theory is seen to help describe what is happening, explain why it is happening and predict what will happen next. Towland has also mentioned in his essay that he urges to consider the following theories: 1. ) Recognise that no single theory can explain everything; 2. ) Recognise that some theoretical approaches just dont work with some people; 3. ) Take a critical approach to theory; 4. ) Always apply the value base to theory; 5. ) Never be intimidated by theory. In relation to the second and third theories that Towland has enumerated, people are made and created differently. What might have worked with one client may not work on the other. As a social worker who works with emotionally disturbed youth, taking note on why a certain approach is not working with a particular patient is important as well as thinking and finding other ways and means to help and understand the individual. Theories in general help practitioners get a grasp and a clear picture of what is happening and why it is happening. It enables practitioners and workers validate their actions and treatment, give a more accurate bearing on how to deal and work with these individuals and are able to give a precise rationalization on the consequences of a particular treatment or action done. †The aim is that this will lead to social work becoming more widely accountable and ultimately more respected (Towland, 2010). † Working with rural mental health programs â€Å"Establishing ongoing trauma-informed services is one of the most difficult challenges facing rural mental health programs. Schools, community groups, and natural helpers try to meet needs but often go unsupported (Children’s Voice, 2007). † Working with the youth in rural places is much more of a challenge because these people mostly live in small towns and places that medical financial help are in dire or is not greatly extended to the families, helping and treating the youth who are emotionally disturb becomes a bit more difficult and gives more work to the practitioners. They work harder and in longer hours with lesser pays and days off. Working with the developmentally disabled is a challenging task for me and this may not be my strongest area and point because of my lack of patience and experience on this particular field. But although this maybe the case, being able help children and being able to understand the reasons of their trauma and finding ways to help them grow out of their trauma is gratify in to me because I know I am able to give aide to these people. Explaining to the family and being able to give them light and understanding of their child’s or children’s situation and what might be the good and bad consequences of the treatment fulfills me as a social worker. My professional philosophy is shaped by not just what was passed on to me by my parents and mentors, but is and was shaped by my experiences and what I have seen in life. My personal beliefs and concepts in life that may contribute to my profession are: being a role model to not just my family but with the people I work with as well, the value I have for myself, thus, valuing my profession and what it stand for, its aims and objectives, and most importantly is my ability to reach out and help others. By doing this, I am not just able to share myself to others but be able to contribute to society as well. References Department of Social Work. (2008). â€Å"Definition of Social Work. † Retrieved on May 30, 2010 from http://www. wright. edu/cola/Dept/social_work/sw_definition. htm SAMHSA National Mental Health Information Center. (n. d). â€Å"What is Trauma-Informed Care? † Retrieved on May 30, 2010 from http://mentalhealth. samhsa. gov/nctic/trauma. asp#care Ohio Department of Mental Health. (n. d. ). â€Å"Trauma Informed Care† Retrieved on May 30, 2010 from http://mentalhealth. ohio. gov/what-we-do/provide/trauma-informed-care/index. shtml Towland, C. (2010). â€Å"Social Work Theory and Practice Making the Links. † Retrieved on May 30, 2010 from http://ezinearticles. com/? Social-Work-Theory-and-PracticeMaking-the-Linksid=1956566 Childrens Voice. (2007). â€Å"Nctsn Center Supports Rural Trauma-informed Care. † Volume: 16. Issue: 5. Child Welfare League of America, Inc. Retrieved on May 30, 2010 from www. questia. com

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Great Gatsby Essay -- essays research papers

The Great Gatsby   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  There are many different types of people in this world. Apart from physical features, it is the characteristics of a person that makes him/her original. Nick Carraway the narrator of The Great Gatsby, has qualities which are the complete opposite of those of Tom Buchanan, his cousin-in-law. In the novel, the author, F. Scott Fitzgerald, uses the comparison between two cousins to show how their differing characteristics reflects the themes of morality and reality versus illusion.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  One of Nick’s Characteristics, that is incompatible with Toms is that Nick is cautious when speaking. On an occasion when Mr. Gatz said something that Nick disagreed with , Nick still hesitantly, agreed with him, as to not hurt an old man’s feelings; as apparent by the following quote: “If he lived, he would have been a great man. A man like James J. Hill. He’d of helped build up the country.’ ‘That’s true,’ I said, uncomfortably. (Pg. 164) Tom, who is at the other end of the rope, is very careless about what he says; he does not care if he hurts someone. At one time, he was very rude when paying only ten dollars to a dog seller on the street. “ ‘Is it a boy or a girl?’ she asked delicately, ‘That dog. That dog’s a boy. (Dog-seller) ‘It’s a bitch,’ said Tom decisively. ‘Here’s your money. Go and buy ten more dogs with it.’ (Pg. 28) This shows that Tom does not care if he hurts the feelings of the person to whom he speaks with. Nick’s carefulness when speaking and Tom’s Carelessness reveals a lot about their morality. It shows that Nick’s morals are high he can not hurt an old man who had just lost his son; whereas Tom’s morals are so low, that he hurts a poor stranger walking down the street, who is trying to make a living. The carefulness of speaking shows the theme of morality because it reflects respect for humanity. With the realization that the way one wants to be treated he or she treats the other person with the same respect.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Nick’s carefulness when saying something reveals the fact that he makes good judgements. An example of his g... ...door while we were getting ready to leave and when I sent down “?'; that weren’t in he tried to force this way upstairs. He was crazy enough to kill me if I hadn’t told him who owed the car. His hand was on the revolver in his pocket every minute he was in the house-’ He broke off definitely. ‘What if I did tell him (Gatsby)? That fellow had it coming to him. He threw dust into your eyes just like he did Daisy’ (Pg. 180) This shows Tom did not feel any remorse for telling on Gatsby. The fact that Nick has a conscience and Tom does not seem to have a conscience gives more depth of morality of these characters. Nicks sensitive conscience proves that he is a clean-hearted person; whereas tom insensitive conscience proves that he is a selfish person. The theme of morality is shown through their conscience actions.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The characteristics of human beings, can say a lot about what kind of person they are. Both Nick and Tom have characteristics that are quite the opposite. In showing the differing characteristics of Nick and Tom, Fritzgerald portrays the themes of morality and reality versus illusion.

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Leigh Anne Tuohy from “The Blind Side” Essay

Leigh Anne Tuohy from the movie â€Å"The Blind Side† embodies what it means to be a passionate, strong, and loving mother. She’s no bullshit, and it’s obvious on screen. When she speaks, she means it. She doesn’t want to raise spoiled, bratty kids; she knows better than that. When she gets tough, it’s not out of anger or hate. It’s coming from a deep place of love. She not only demonstrates her passionate-about-life demeanor to her children, but to everyone she comes across. She is never rude, bitchy, hateful, or disrespectful. But somehow she manages to remain a leader among everyone she meets. In the recent years, there have been some new philosophies on parenting that try to brainwash the minds of parents in need of guidance. These parents don’t want to be mean or neglect their children. They see other parents spanking and yelling with anger, and they know that’s not the right way to go. The new philosophies confirm this, but take a radical stance on an alternative: No leadership whatsoever. This sounds like something so wild and outlandish that it may actually work! Bend to the child’s every demand, and reward misbehavior. Disillusioned parents will try to look past the fact that their kids are not learning any responsibilities, demanding them around like servants, and progressing slower with behavior issues than other children their age. The scary part about it is nobody has yet seen the long-term affects of this â€Å"no discipline† parenting. Kids without strong leaders as parents are used to getting everything they need emotionally and materialistically from somebody else, and when they’re on their own, there is no emotional parental crutch to hold their hand through mature situations. Their realities go haywire, growing into selfish adults incapable of thinking about others. They’ve been raised to be the constant center of attention at all times, so considering another person’s well-being would be silly. Either that, or the child grows to be depressed about life, finding out it doesn’t work the way their parents had originally presented it to them. I could go on explaining all the reasons why that type of parenting doesn’t work, but we’re over  that. You’re smart enough to not go down that road with your kids, so now I want to guide you in the right direction. And Leigh Anne is going to help me. She is the perfect model for how CharismaticKid teaches leadership to parents, and she can be our company mascot if she wants to. (Leigh Anne, if you’re reading this†¦ call me. We’ll do lunch.) It’s in her vibe, in her tone, and in her words. And she knows words play the smallest role when it comes to teaching leadership and discipline. Remember, children’s first teacher was body language, the next was verbal communication. Charismatic parents say more with one or two words than most parents can say with a whole bucket load. 1. Respect When her charismatic kid, SJ, puts his feet up on the dashboard of her BMW, she turns from normal to â€Å"don’t even think about it† tone. â€Å"Gitchyer’ feet off my dash.† She said it calmly, as if she already knew he would comply. And he doesn’t have a second thought about it. He takes them off as if he knew he wasn’t supposed to, but forgot. â€Å"Thank you. Put on your seatbelt.† 2. Independence When her daughter, Collins, smacked the floor after trying to save the ball from hitting the ground at her high school volleyball game, she gave her mother a look of â€Å"I can’t deal with this anymore.† Leigh Anne knows that confident kids don’t come running to their parents when they encounter speed bumps. So instead of getting upset and feeling bad for her daughter, she gestures for her to get up, stop being a baby, and keep playing. â€Å"Go.† One word. Does this mean that Leigh Anne doesn’t love Collins? Does this mean she is trying to lower her confidence? Just the opposite. She is raising an independent woman, who will know how to deal with issues by herself. Strong  women breed strong women. She loves her daughter so much that she won’t stand to let her become dependent on another person. Do you think Collins will end up being a needy, desperate woman in ten years? Don’t count on it. This face is saying, â€Å"And I mean it, mister! Don’t you act like a sissy when it is your job to lead. Now LEAD!† 3. Maturity It’s obvious Leigh Anne doesn’t sugar coat life for her kids. She knows that when they grow up, nobody is going to sugar coat things for them then, so why do it now? If they grew up having a skewed view on who they are in life, reality will hit hard when they learn the truth. Leigh Anne knows this, and â€Å"keeps it real† with SJ after his performance as an American Indian in his school play. â€Å"SJ, don’t let this go to your head, but I thought you were very convincing in the role of†¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"Indian number three?† â€Å"Yes.† It was a real compliment, and that is light years more meaningful than blowing smoke up someone’s butt. SJ will grow up to know how to react to real criticism in a confident and mature manner. He will learn to accept when he isn’t perfect, and this builds character. Someone comfortable with their vulnerabilities is the most confident person you can meet. She treats him as he wants to be treated, with sincerity. From watching the movie, it’s obvious SJ is mature for his age. Why do you think this is? Another example of teaching maturity to your children is to give them adult decisions to make that can affect the entire family. When you do this, you not only give them a sense of worth for themselves, but you are also preparing them to make important decisions as they become adults. Leigh Anne demonstrated a good example of this when she gave Collins the decision to whether the family should keep Big Mike in their home, or to let him go. Giving your child important choices to make on their own allows her to prove the maturity she wishes to show to the rest of her family. It’s funny how when you give your child a responsibility, if you expect her to follow  through, most of the time she will. 4. Compassion and Responsibility On their way home from the play, the Tuohy family saw Big Mike walking in the rain to the gym to get some warmth. He’s now homeless and has nowhere to stay. What would you do in this situation? Leigh Anne was teaching SJ a lesson in compassion when she made no argument to bring Big Mike home with them for the night. Compassion is an emotion, and the definition of an emotion is a thought that inspires action. Taking him home was the action, and to pass-up on that would be ignoring her responsibility. It is any healthy person’s responsibility to take care of others as a way of being grateful for life. It’s nice to think that we would do something like this, but would we really? That small difference is what will make your child a â€Å"giver† or a â€Å"taker† as they grow up. Notice Leigh Anne’s sternness with Mike as he is acting standoffish towards her. Notice the raised eyebrows, this is simple body language denoting â€Å"expectant of an answer†. She uses strong facial expressions, body language, and eye contact with him to let him know she is not playing games. She didn’t talk to him from the car window, but instead walked straight up to him with little introduction. She was cutting to the point. Here’s the shot of compassion. Here is her glare of responsibility. SJ sees all of this. She is saying with her face, â€Å"Don’t you dare deny that this is our responsibility.† She doesn’t ask, â€Å"Would you like to stay at our house tonight?† She knows he’d say no. That’d be a cop out for her. She can get back in the car and tell her family, â€Å"Well, I tried.† No, she knows that in order to be happy and to do the same for others, she has to take matters into her own hands. She TELLS him to come home with them. She knows it’s the right thing to do, and she knows Big Mike wants to, but is too shy. This is where her leadership skills come in as well. Most people are too scared to say how they feel. There always must be a leader in the group that calls the shots.  Leigh Anne Tuohy takes that role seriously. Watch above how she doesn’t plead with him, she just turns around KNOWING that he will follow. 4. Body Language SJ is at the age where he is getting most of the lessons, and a kid would be fed up with his mother’s discipline by now. But not SJ. Why is that? When Leigh Anne lays down the law, she doesn’t do it with anger or emotion. It is straight up unemotional discipline. She also makes sure everyone KNOWS she is in charge, so no one argues with her. SJ looks up to his mother because she is such a strong leader. Watch this clip below, and notice how her correction is quick, unemotional, and sure. SJ reacts like lightning, because Leigh Anne demands good behavior from her children, not just asks for it. Notice how the correction of SJ’s behavior did not make the relationship between him and his mother sour? Even immediately afterwards, he was cracking up at his mother’s assertive attitude towards taking Big Mike shopping. He loves her! There were no hard feelings because Leigh Anne doesn’t mix feelings with discipline. Also take note of how quickly Leigh Anne changes her demeanor from â€Å"tough-love Leigh Anne† to â€Å"cheerful perky mama† after the correction has been given. Let’s talk about the subtle body language correction itself. SJ wasn’t rebelling by putting his elbows on the table, nor did he MEAN to be disrespectful. He was simply being lazy and forgetful. Leigh Anne was acting as his temporary conscious brain reminding him of something he should already have known to do. When SJ gets older, he’ll be able to remind himself about bad body language, because he’s been given cues as a child for when to correct himself. Why correct bad body language in the first place? Because if ignored, it can turn your mood into the way it looks. Elbows on the table blocks off others from talking to you. SJ wasn’t trying to do that, but the repeated habit of it can eventually make him feel more comfortable eating without anyone bothering him. Leigh Anne is there to nip that in the bud. 5. Self-sacrificing Did I mention that charisma is about exposing your vulnerabilities? People are so caught up with the thought that confidence has something to do with  only showing your strengths, but that’s just half the equation. When you can show your weakness to others, and take it even a step further and sacrifice yourself for their benefit, you are on your way to confidence mastery. When Leigh Anne gives the famous speech to Mike on the field about protecting his family, she is putting him in a leadership role among the teammates. A leader’s job is not only to lead, but to ensure the well-being of the rest of the group. When you make the choice to protect your friends, family, or teammates, you are sacrificing the chance of your own well-being for others. This is what makes a loved leader. Notice how Leigh Anne’s expression up above is saying, â€Å"I know you have the guts to take charge of your team, Michael. So do it.† She’s not yelling at him, she is disciplining him†¦ †¦ And it’s obvious that he enjoys and respects her stern demeanor. Leigh Anne doesn’t beat around the bush, and people not only respect but enjoy such direct interaction. (Don’t confuse this with bitchiness. Some people like to be blunt in a rude and demoralizing way to others, claiming they are â€Å"just being honest.† No, they’re not being honest, just negative. This isn’t a confident trait, it’s insecurity manifested into fake confidence. Be sure not to mistake your â€Å"confidence† for anger, jealousy, or insecurity. A confident person is self-LESS, an insecure person is self-ISH.) 6. Emotionally Stable Most people in this world possess emotional instability. They get upset over things, whether big or small, and show anger towards others because of it. A confident person is always emotionally stable. There is never a time where getting upset is necessary or beneficial to a situation. It is always a deterrent to your well-being, as well as to the rest of the people in your family. When Michael had gotten into a car accident with SJ sitting in the front seat of the pickup truck that the Tuohy’s had bought for him, he knew he screwed up bad. But aside from minor cuts and bruises, SJ was fine. Leigh Anne had a choice: to use anger as a way to teach Mike a lesson, or to calmly address the situation with a peaceful mind. The problem with using anger as a method  for discipline is that it breaks the trust between you and your child. They’ll begin hiding things from you, lying to you about the party they went to last weekend, and eventually your kids will be living a secret life keeping you out of the loop when it comes to their real lives. But aside from the trust factor, choosing to live an emotionally stable life lowers your stress level to zero, and teaches your children to do the same. When you can approach each and every situation from a place of calmness, you automatically set yourself up for a confident disposition. Your family members feel more confident in following you, because your choices do not come from a place of negative emotion, but rather positivity and love.

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Success in Sales

Success in Sales (Willy Loman and Chris Gardner) â€Å"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody† ~ Bill Cosby. Few needs of the person are greater than the need to be understood. To have a voice that is heard, respected and valued – to have an influence. Most of us believe that the key to influence is communication – getting your point across clearly and speaking persuasively.Initially the both characters -Willy Loman in â€Å"Death of the Salesman† and Chris Gardner in â€Å"Pursuit of Happiness† wanted to be understood and change their lives, so they can have influence on the world around them and became successful. But Willy Loman is hopelessly lost in his past. Chris Gardner lives today. He is not sure what tomorrow will bring but he knows that it`s up to him to change his future. His love for his little boy helps him survive and makes him stronger. Unlike Willy Loman Chris doesn`t predict his son`s f uture†¦but does what he can to make his son`s life brighter and happy.We can find some similarities between Willy Loman and Chris Gardner. They both work very hard to pursuit their dreams of a better life. Willy Loman drove many miles to try and sell things to maintain his family while Chris Gardner also would do anything to meet ends meet to help his family to survive. Willy Loman carried two heavy suit cases with him all the time, even though the business didn't go to well, his dedication to his family kept him going. Chris Gardner tried to do everything possible to sell his x-ray scanners so he could get the money to pay for apartment and family needs.Obviously Willy Loman loves his son Biff and wants him to have a successful life. It's quite sad that Willy favors one son over the other, but he still shows great fatherly love and care. He wants his son to succeed and become a big man, no matter what. Eventually after everything fails, Willy commits a suicide to get Biff mone y Oliver didn't give him. Chris also loves his little boy and endures many hardships to provide for him. He is trying to teach his son everything he knows, because he knows that the life might be rough for his son in future.Eventually Chris finds a new job opportunity so he can provide for his son. These both man have the same great desire to succeed in sales business. Willy Loman wasn't wrong, he had mental issues but appearance does play a big part in Salesman's life. Appearance is one of the major principles. His whole life Willy tried to please everyone, so he would be successful. But I think that eventually he became obsessed with his appearance†¦ Chris Gardner experienced minor success at the start of his carrier. But he never gave up, even in hard times; Chris took matters in his own hands and tried to sell remaining x-rays for money.Willy Loman and Chris Gardner may share some things in common, yet they are so magnificently different. They think differently, they have d ifferent values and motivations. Willy Loman`s story is a tragic story of the hopeful dream of one salesman that led to the damnation of an entire family. Willy is a man who is lost in the past and his mind is constantly tormented with the hopes and dreams he had years ago that have since fallen through. Chris Gardner lives his life today. His mind works hard to find ways to change his life for good. Chris doesn`t waste his time on talking about yesterday's achievements.Willy believes that all it takes to become successful is to be well liked. Chris Gardner does care about his appearance but prefers to practice good communication skills with everyone and knowledge of the business. Willy Loman had a dream that was not realistic; he also lied to his family. His pursuit of this dream led his entire family to live an illusion created by him – that they are better than everyone. In the end, he thought he had no choice but to kill him and try to make things better with insurance mo ney. Chris was always honest with himself and his family.For Gardner there were a lot of tense and hard moments to give up like losing an apartment and sleeping in a washroom with his son, but he kept his hard work and hopes to the very end†¦until he could say â€Å"this part of my life I call Happiness†Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ Trying to please everyone, to achieve success is not the key to sucess. You have to be yourself and judge situations in your life by your principles. People who try to be loved everyone eventually lose their principles and have no fundament to build upon. Appearance is a major factor of success in sales, you always have try to make a nice first impression.But appearance won't bring you success if you don't use intellect and be yourself. Willy Loman learned that the hard way which brought him into the grave; he tried to present himself as a successful, important and loyal man. Willy didn't know how to listen to others, and wanted the world to understand him. Chris Gardner worked very hard while staying true to himself and dedicated his son. Chris didn't present himself as someone he wasn't during interviews and tests, but he proved others that a man who can listen, and is trying to understand the world can be taught just about everything.

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Free Essays on Conflict And Feminist Perspective on Domestic Violence

"A wife married is like a pony bought, I'll ride and whip her as I like." Chinese Proverb Welcome to Canada, land of free speech and happy people? Behind every "Eh", or "Aboot", there is a possible victim of domestic violence. Some are men, though most are women. Some may end up slaughtered, while others have put abuse behind them. The women who get out of the abusive lifestyle, are not only bearing scars, psychologically and physically, but bearing a ray of hope for other canadian women in their position. They are empowering women to stand up and walk, promoting that they are as equal as men in life, as well as their position as a survivor. Q. What is domestic violence and who are its victims? A. Domestic violence, also known as partner abuse, spouse abuse, or battering, occurs when one person uses force to inflict injury, either emotional or physical, upon another person they have, or had, a relationship with. It occurs between spouses and partners, parents and children, children and grandparents, and brothers and sisters. Victims can any age, race, or gender. "Patriarchy- characterized as a sexual system of power in which the male possesses superior power and economic privilage". When it comes to feminist theories of devience, a common principle shared by all feminist theories is patriarchy. There is two different forms of patriarchy, the 'social', and 'familial'. The first refers to the male dominationar a societal level, while the familial pertains to male control in domestic arrangement such as dating, common-law, and non-marital relationships. Feminists believe that men assault their partners to maintain a constant state of dominance over them. Serious criticisms have come from those who point out that feminist theories ignore the effects of class and ethnicity on violence against women.(1) There are all classes of women effected at all times of the day. Regardle... Free Essays on Conflict And Feminist Perspective on Domestic Violence Free Essays on Conflict And Feminist Perspective on Domestic Violence "A wife married is like a pony bought, I'll ride and whip her as I like." Chinese Proverb Welcome to Canada, land of free speech and happy people? Behind every "Eh", or "Aboot", there is a possible victim of domestic violence. Some are men, though most are women. Some may end up slaughtered, while others have put abuse behind them. The women who get out of the abusive lifestyle, are not only bearing scars, psychologically and physically, but bearing a ray of hope for other canadian women in their position. They are empowering women to stand up and walk, promoting that they are as equal as men in life, as well as their position as a survivor. Q. What is domestic violence and who are its victims? A. Domestic violence, also known as partner abuse, spouse abuse, or battering, occurs when one person uses force to inflict injury, either emotional or physical, upon another person they have, or had, a relationship with. It occurs between spouses and partners, parents and children, children and grandparents, and brothers and sisters. Victims can any age, race, or gender. "Patriarchy- characterized as a sexual system of power in which the male possesses superior power and economic privilage". When it comes to feminist theories of devience, a common principle shared by all feminist theories is patriarchy. There is two different forms of patriarchy, the 'social', and 'familial'. The first refers to the male dominationar a societal level, while the familial pertains to male control in domestic arrangement such as dating, common-law, and non-marital relationships. Feminists believe that men assault their partners to maintain a constant state of dominance over them. Serious criticisms have come from those who point out that feminist theories ignore the effects of class and ethnicity on violence against women.(1) There are all classes of women effected at all times of the day. Regardle...

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Vasquez Surname Meaning and Origin - About Genealogy

Vasquez Surname Meaning and Origin - About Genealogy The Vasquez surname is the 23rd most common Hispanic surname. It has several possible origins: A name denoting one who came from the Basque country, from the words vasco, velasco and belasco, each suggesting a place or ethnicity in the Basque provinces of Spain.A patronymic surname meaning  son of Vasco. The given name Vasco  derives from the medieval Spanish name  Velasco,  which possibly meant crow in Basque.According to Elsdon Smith in American Surnames, the names Vasquez, Vazquez and Velez in Spain designate those who herded ewes or sheep. Surname Origin:  Spanish, Portuguese Alternate Surname Spellings:  Vasquiz, Vasques, Vazquez, Vazques, Belasco, De Belasco, De Velasco, Velazquez, Vaz Famous People With the Surname Vasquez La La Vasquez - American television personality and entertainerDomingo Vsquez - President of Honduras, 1893-1894Francisco  Vzquez  de Coronado y Lujn - Spanish conquistador and explorer; discovered the Grand CanyonGregorio Vasquez - Colombian painter Most Commonly Found The first Vasquez families originated in the Castile region of Spain, according to  Forebears, which ranks Vasquez as the 424th most common surname in the world. The Vazquez spelling even more common, ranking 376th. Vasquez  is found most prevalently in Peru, where it ranks 13th in the nation, followed by Guatemala (15th), El Salvador (16th), Panama (22nd), Honduras (26th), and the Dominican Republic (29th). The Vazquez spelling is most frequent in Mexico, where it ranks 14th, followed by Puerto Rico (15th) and Argentina (19th).  Within Europe, Vasquez is actually found most frequently in southern France, according to  WorldNames PublicProfiler, while Vazques is most common in northern Spain, especially the Galicia and Asturias regions. Genealogy Resources 100 Most Common Spanish SurnamesHave you ever wondered about your Spanish last name  Ã‚  and how it came to be? This article describes common Spanish naming patterns, and explores the meaning and origins of 100 common Spanish surnames. How to Research Hispanic HeritageLearn how to get started researching  your Hispanic ancestors, including the basics of family tree research and country specific organizations, genealogical records, and resources for Spain, Latin America, Mexico, Brazil, the Caribbean, and other Spanish speaking countries. Vasquez Family Crest - Its Not What You ThinkContrary to what you may hear, there is no such thing as a Vasquez family crest or coat of arms for the Vasquez surname.  Coats of arms are granted to individuals, not families, and may rightfully be used only by the uninterrupted male line descendants of the person to whom the coat of arms was originally granted.   Vasquez Family Genealogy ForumSearch this popular genealogy forum for the Vasquez surname to find others who might be researching your ancestors, or post your own Vasquez query. FamilySearch - Vasquez GenealogyAccess over 3.8 million free historical records and lineage-linked family trees posted for the Vasquez surname and its variations on this free genealogy website hosted by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Vasquez Surname Family Mailing ListsThis free mailing list for researchers of the Vasquez surname and its variations includes subscription details and a searchable archives of past messages. - Vasquez Genealogy Family HistoryExplore free databases and genealogy links for the last name Vasquez. The Vasquez Genealogy and Family Tree PageBrowse family trees and links to genealogical and historical records for individuals with the last name Vasquez from the website of Genealogy Today. - References: Surname Meanings Origins Cottle, Basil.  Penguin Dictionary of Surnames. Baltimore, MD: Penguin Books, 1967. Dorward, David.  Scottish Surnames. Collins Celtic (Pocket edition), 1998. Fucilla, Joseph.  Our Italian Surnames. Genealogical Publishing Company, 2003. Hanks, Patrick and Flavia Hodges.  A Dictionary of Surnames. Oxford University Press, 1989. Hanks, Patrick.  Dictionary of American Family Names. Oxford University Press, 2003. Reaney, P.H.  A Dictionary of English Surnames. Oxford University Press, 1997. Smith, Elsdon C.  American Surnames. Genealogical Publishing Company, 1997.

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Inventory management Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Inventory management - Term Paper Example The intention of this study is operations management is the oversight function for the process of production and distribution of goods and services. Operations management is mainly concerned with the organization of tasks in such a way as to attain specific predetermined goals. These involve the production of goods and services. The production of goods and services can be described as the passage of raw resources known as inputs through a process to get finished goods and services known as the outputs. Inputs include information, raw materials, labor, capital and fixed and variable assets. Outputs include products for other processes, final products or services to clients. Functions within operations management include planning, setting goals, staffing, directing, controlling and organizing. An operations strategy is a well laid out, consistent and achievable set of targets, and should be related to the market and overall organizational strategy. Inventory is associated with function s such as storage, which is related to the need to keep inventory items safe and cycle, which describes the amount of stock required to be maintained at a time. Other inventory functions include fluctuations which describe contingency stock required at any time to cover unexpected shortfalls. Transportation and service encompass the movement of stock items into and out of the organization and their required maintenance. Inventory can be categorized into raw materials, work in progress or finished goods. Raw material is stock intended for the production of goods and services. Work in progress is stock that is currently undergoing processing but which is yet to be fully processed. Finished stocks refer to goods ready for sale to the end consumer and include packaged goods. Other stock categories include consumables such as office stationery and machinery spare parts that are not directly attributable to the production process. Different organizations will hold different stock varieti es and quantities depending on the particular production and processes that they are involved in. While a manufacturing company for instance will hold both stocks of raw inputs and finished outputs, a supermarket will only hold stocks of finished goods and consumables (Donald & Waters, 2003). 2.2 Inventory supply management Inventory moves into and out of an organization frequently. All organizations at some point become customers, while at other times they are simply suppliers. As such, it is important to consider the handling of stock in transit. This effectively introduces the functions of the supplies department in stock management. The supply chain represents activities and organizations through which inventory passes as it heads towards its final destination. Supply chain management is an oversight function on the channels of inventory flow. Inventory supply chains can be described according to their length or breadth. Length of a supply chain is when a stock item has to pass through many suppliers before reaching the final consumer. One may for instance buy milk directly from the farmer or through a broker or from the supermarket. In the first example, the length is short as the milk does not have to pass through many people before reaching the final consumer. Breadth refers to the channels that an inventory item uses on its way to the consumer. A person can for instance get milk from the supermarket, shop, shopping mall or even from the farmer (Donald & Waters, 2003). A smooth supply chain function ensures that the business gets the right goods, in the right

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A THEORETICAL AND PRACTICAL EVALUATION OF THE LOGISTICAL PROCESSES AT TATE AND LYLE, SILVERTOWN - Essay Example 1998). Supply chain management (SCM) is the 21st century global operations strategy for achieving organizational competitiveness. Companies are attempting to find ways to improve their flexibility and responsiveness and in turn competitiveness by changing their operations strategy, methods and technologies that include the implementation of SCM paradigm and information technology (IT) (A. Gunasekaran, E.W.T. Ngai 2003). The industries in the 21st century are trying to improve their infrastructure in order to compete in the global market. The industries are adopting agile methods for the sake of fulfilment of market requirements. For achieving market goals industries are moving towards outsourcing virtual enterprises and resulting in the decentralization of their activities for getting maximum market benefits. So there is the need of a bridge, which may serve as an integrator between suppliers and partnering firms, in the domains of supply chains or logistics. The bridge which can fill the gap, between suppliers and partnering firms, is the domain of Information Technology. The integration of suppliers and partnering firms through Information Technology evolved the new approach known as Supply Chain Management. Supply Chain Management Systems or logistic systems are present everywhere and they are adopted by many industry champions or network leaders. In the beginning the interorganizational systems used by the industries were only able to support the automation of manual processes such as for managing orders and accounts. Then with the passage of time the addition of different powerful features, like information sharing, communication and collaboration, in the existing systems have made them more robust and beneficial for network leaders (Icasati - Johanson and Fleck 2003). There are round about 30,000 interorganizational systems which are being

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Franklin D, Roosevelt on the four freedoms(1941) Assignment

Franklin D, Roosevelt on the four freedoms(1941) - Assignment Example They include freedom of speech and expression where every human being was able to express him/herself all over the world. Second was the freedom of worship as one wish without any interference. He argued individual should be allowed to leadership from the Almighty. Third was the freedom from want which would provide peaceful coexistence among the world populace and the last freedom was the freedom from fear which would reduce disarmament among nations so as to reduce the fear that existed among the residents. The four freedoms influence history in the 20th and 21st centuries. The president was guided by the principles and help America out of seclusion to more ways of acceptance by other countries among them were the European nations during the war. Guided by peace message around the world, Franklin initiated peace talks with various nations’ and leaders such as Churchill that led to formation of the United Nations to monitor world peace. Franklin four pillars of freedom have also formed the major changes that occur around the world. In fact they have formed the major basic human rights in many constitutions. Many governments including the United States considers them to be the fundamentals of a democratic state in the modern era. Any government that denies its citizens the four freedoms is just but a dictatorship regime and is prone to be neglected by the major world nations. Hence, the four freedoms have greatly resulted into democracy and peace around the world. The source of the data enabled us to know exactly who presented the information since it was from a recorded video tape. We were also able to establish the emotions that was involved by Franklin in its quest to have a more better world that do not involved in constant wrangles. However, the source do have some weakness, for instance the author does not exist anymore hence we could not consult him to substantiate his ideas.

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Thomas Hobbes’ conception Essay Example for Free

Thomas Hobbes’ conception Essay Thomas Hobbes’ conception of the natural state of man without the presence of a governing institution is primarily asocial; man is in constant war with other individuals, motivated by competition, self-preservation and reputation. These selfish desires remain present in man’s natural state that impedes the creation of a harmonious society. In Hobbes’ political treatise Leviathan, he mentions: â€Å"So that in the nature of man, we find three principal causes of quarrel; first, competition; secondly, diffidence; thirdly, glory† (Hobbes 84). Every individual is motivated by personal gain without any just cause to give importance with other individuals other than oneself. Man’s natural state is in constant conflict and may be considered primitive since the chaotic context provides no absolute conception of laws or moral codes in which to govern behavior among individuals. From the natural state, man progresses from its primitive consciousness, governed by reason, to aspire for peace. Thus, the creation of society comes from the individual’s initiative to impose a right that would not allow man to do harm upon himself and other people as well. Hobbes’ natural condition of man implies the presence of subjectivity in the midst of its primitive environment wherefore laws and moral codes represent the need for objectivity in order for a governing body to be formed. Indeed, man’s natural state is primitive and asocial; individuals naturally act upon instinct such as self-preservation, personal glory and other tendencies that leads to extreme individualism rather than an objective social reality. Man’s nature is selfish in essence as rational animals; however, reason separates the instinctive consciousness of the individual into forming social systems that naturally perpetuate man’s desire of peace and a harmonious society. Work Cited Hobbes, Thomas. Leviathan. Minneola, N. Y. Dover Publications, 2006.

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madonna Essay -- essays research papers

Have you ever heard a song once and was never able to get the tune out of your head no matter how hard you tried? I know that has happened to me on several occasions. Whether we enjoy the songs or not, there is something about music within popular culture that drives the American public wild. Sadly, for quite sometime the music industry was largely closed off to women. Of course there were obvious exceptions to this, since talented female artists have existed through the ages, but on the whole there were not many female artists that got a lot of airplay and certainly none were considered significantly influential in the music industry. Recently the United States has begun to experience a women’s musical renaissance. Women’s roles in pop music are steadily growing. There have been many outstanding female musicians and vocalists in the past that have aided in making the music industry less of a male opinionated society, from Aretha Franklin, Mo Tucker, and Ella Fitzgerald to pop icons like Courtney Love, Queen Latifa, and Melissa Ethridge. Along side these, there are two women who have conquered most obstacles they’ve faced and, in addition, forced the music industry to become more of a female friendly environment. Those two women are Madonna and Brittany Spears. Madonna is an artist that most Americans are very familiar with. From rudeness to charity, she is always in the public eye. Madonna took women and sex through a quantum leap and her unique style and flair has been imprinted on pop culture forever. Besides creating major trends in music she was responsible for many fashion statements throughout the eighties and nineties (Gandee 307). Up until 1982, female sexuality was largely a suggestion of cleavage and tight-fitting jeans, then Madonna showed up in 1983 wearing her Victoria's Secrets on the outside, and all hell broke loose. Madonna Ciccone was born in 1958 near Motown, to an engineer father and homemaker mother, the eldest of eight children. The one thing baby Madonna wanted more than anything was to become famous. She trained on piano and dance, and signed up for almost any activity that would put her face in public view. By the time she turned twenty, she felt she had waited long enough for fame to find her, and went out looking for it. Throughout her career as one of America’s superstars, Madonna maintained much of her creative control while... ...stry seem obtainable to everyone. Their accomplishments represent many of the recent victories won by women in the music industry; Accomplishments like Lilith Faire and Rock for Choice. Though many doors have been opened there are many that have remained shut. For instance, the way that many labels choose to market female artists like sex symbols instead of relying on their ability to perform. A women musician are becoming more and more visible, and with this visibility comes power. Ani DiFranco and Madonna are just two examples of women who are starting their own record labels and signing their own bands. By doing this they are insuring that female artists get heard. Obviously, not every women musician can have this kind of determination, but the fact that they are on stage playing what they love, music, makes them powerful. O’Dair, Barbara. "Introduction". The Rolling Stone Book of Women In Rock. Ed. Barbara O’Dair. New York: Random House, Inc., 1997. Udovitch, Mim. "Madonna". The Rolling Stone Book of Women in Rock. Ed. Barbara o’Dair. New York:Random House,Inc.,1997. Gandee, Charles. "In The Closet With Madonna". Vogue Oct. 1997: 306-313, 378.

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Cb Prepartions Essay

Social character traits have shown that inner and other-directed consumers may have different preferences in terms of promotional messages. Inner-directed people prefer advertisements that stress personal benefits while other-directed people seem to prefer advertisements that feature social acceptance. (a) HIGHLY DOGMATIC CUSTOMERS: It is a personality trait that measures the degree of rigidity (versus openness) that individuals display towards unfamiliar and towards information that is contrary to their own established beliefs. Dogmatism: general tendency to be open or closed to new ideas and innovations. A person who is high in dogmatism approaches the unfamiliar defensively while the person who is low in dogmatism will rarely consider unfamiliar or opposing beliefs. * more receptive is Ads for new products or services that contains an appeal from the authoritative figure. Marketer uses celebrities and experts to their new product advertising for making it easier for the potentially reluctant customers. * Highly dogmatic consumers are likely to respond favorably to a new product when the advertising message is presented in an authoritarian manner (e. g. celebrity endorsement or expert testimonials). * prefer traditional or established products rather than innovative ones. close minded towards unfamiliar and untoward information that is contrary to their own established beliefs * approach such information with considerable discomfort and uncertainty. promotional message most suitable would be endorsement or appeal from an authoritative figure. * New products need to be presented in an authoritative manner and that celebrities could be employed to reach dogmatic consumers who are more closed minded. For example: Colgate Dental Cream with Doctors and Experts endorsements. Anti-Polio Campaign featuring Amitabh and Sachin Tendulkar also useAuthoritative statements. The Cadbury’s brand took a beatng in sales after the worms were found in somepackets. Dogmatic Consumers stopped purchasing the Brand. Amitabh Bacchhanwas then used as Authority figure to reestablish Brand. b) Inner-directed consumers * tend to use their own values and standards in evaluating a new product * ads aimed at them should depict the attainment of personal achievement and satisfaction. ads that stress product features and benefits, which enable them to usetheir own values and standards in evaluating products * rely on their own inner values or standards in evaluating new products and are likely to be the consumer innovators. * other directed customers tend to look to others for guidance a s to what is appropriate or what is inappropriate. * be prefer ads that stress product features and personal benefits ( enabling them to use their own values and standards in evaluating products whereas the other * For example: Surf Ad showing Shabana Azmi saving two buckets of water is an example of the same. The latest from Surf Excel is currently running on television. This is the ad where many people are seen walking with two buckets full of water. They then pour it into a large reservoir. At this point none other than Shabana Azmi informs you what a great thing thissaving of water is for the country and implores you to use Surf Excel. * manufacturer of cameras who advertises to inner-directed consumers should stress the ability to take better pictures and the resulting personal satisfaction. c) Consumers with a high optimum stimulation level * more open to risk-taking, more likely to be innovative have a greater willingness to take risks, try products with many novel features, and shop in new retail outlets. * likely to respond favorably to promotional messages stressing more rather than less risk, novelty,or excitement. * to seek purchase related information and to accept new retail facilities. * For example: The exciting and exotic Vacation Campaign of Malasia-Truly Asia is position ing of  Airways to sell the Asian Adventures. These enjoy thinking. They are responsive to that part of Ad that is rich in Information. The individuals representing this group are adventurous and often related to entrepreneurial environments. The innovators run the risk that the innovation does not catch on, and thus subject themselves to a potential loss they must be prepared to absorb. Therefore innovators have to live with the uncertainty about the potentials of the technology, which can be viewed upon as the price to pay for being pioneers in a new field – catalyzing the diffusion of new technologies. The early adopters are ready to adopt a new technology when they observe that other individuals has started adopting, and sees the potential for being some of the first adopters of a new and promising technology. These individuals are often a more integrated part of the local society than the innovators, and their adoptions are crucial for the technology to take off and get hold of the broad public. For the early adopters the uncertainties about the merits of the new technology are strongly diminished, and can therefore adopt the new technology without running the risk of buying a young and untested technology. This group accounts for about one third of the total number of adopters, and provide the link between the progressive early adopters and the more skeptical later adopters. In the latter half of the spectrum the late majority also represent about a third of the adopters. This group is skeptical to new innovations, and is not willing to adopt, until a lot of other people have adopted before them ensuring the success of the technology and possibly massive network effects. The last 16 % of the adopters, the laggards, often focus on traditional values and base their decisions on past events. They are suspicious of any new inventions to change the way life are traditionally lived, and must be 100 % certain that the technology will prevail before they are willing to adopt. From a consumers’ point of view it is essential to think about the decisions of future adopters when choosing what technology to go with. The decisions of previous adopters are on the other hand a know factor and plays a role for the decision also. So does the structure of the market, i. e. which technologies are available at the time of adoption, compared to potential superior technologies that could be available in the future. Recent findings indicate that there is a lack of willingness to wait by the early adopters. 11 This high priority of being among the very first users of a new technology is said to inflict negative externalities on the later adopters. These later adopters can be forced to adopt an inferior technology to make sure that they are compatible with the technologies of the early adopters, or they might be forced to give up compatibility to get a superior technology. That said the diffusion of new technologies is often strongly dependent on the choices of the early adopters.